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Jay Dobies jason.dobies at redhat.com
Wed Mar 9 15:40:02 UTC 2011

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I did some cleanup of the user guide this morning. The repo page was
getting pretty large, so I pulled out errata and distributions so that
each have their own page.

A few reminders based on other changes I made:

- - If you add a new section (something large enough that made you think
to use the #section notation to identify it), don't forget to add a link
to it from the main User Guide table of contents.

- - When documenting commands that can process one or more things, be sure
to indicate how to specify multiple items. For instance: "-f or --files
 File(s) to remove to this repository." doesn't indicate if multiple
files should be comma-separated, use multiple instances of the -f flag,
or some other means. This is also a case where an example helps.

- - Please remember to proofread your docs, especially since these are
user-facing. There were a number of typos that I corrected. Also
remember that these are user docs and, while not the most formal guide
in the world, still should follow some basic grammar. Two examples:

* "Associate a package to a repository." - This is fine for a --help
entry, but try to use full sentences in the user guide.
* "from pulp server" - Should be "from the Pulp server". Also, remember
to capitalize Pulp when referring to the project itself.

- - Please fire off a quick e-mail to the team that the docs have been
updated to request a proofreader. A second pair of eyes will often see
all the little typos that the writer's eyes gloss over.

Thanks  :)

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