[Pulp-list] Community Release 9 (available)

Jeff Ortel jortel at redhat.com
Tue Mar 15 16:39:38 UTC 2011

Pulp Community Release 9 is available.


* Pulp: 0.151
* Grinder: 0.86
* Gofer: 0.23

Release Notes:

* Users need to run pulp-migrate as the DB version has changed.

* Added ability to filter available content while cloning. See User Guide section on 
"Filters" for more information.

* Added ability to filter available content for repositories with 'local' feed.

* Introduced external content deliver servers (CDS) to offload repo hosting from the Pulp 
server. See User Guide section on "Content Delivery Servers" for more information.

* File upload enhancements:
   * Chunked
   * Binary (not base64 encoded)
   * Better support for concurrent (parallel) uploads

* CLI changes:
   * Added: 'pulp-admin content upload'
   * Added: 'pulp-admin content list' command
   * Added: 'pulp-admin content delete' command
   * Removed: 'pulp-admin package upload' -- see 'content upload'
   * Added: 'pulp-admin packagegroup import'
   * Added: 'pulp-admin packagegroup export'
   * Enhanced 'pulp-amdin repo delete' to remove applicable rpms and files
     so long as the content is not associated to other repos

* Raises AMQP events for repo CRUD and content updates

* New errata fileds severity, summary, solution, rights, sums, type

* ~55 bugs fixed -


* Pulp server debugging mode.  Details can be found:

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