[Pulp-list] Fwd: CDS: gofer authentication

Jay Dobies jason.dobies at redhat.com
Fri Mar 18 16:38:49 UTC 2011

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> Jason,
> I pushed the pulp -> external CDS authentication feature.
> Commit: cf449c22299e01e872dff9b92a3cff65ac39cc36
> Mind doing a quick review?  I'll be making a pass though the unit tests
> today.
> -jeff

Looks pretty solid. Most of my comments focus around things you'll run
into in one way or another when you do the unit tests, though you may
have approaches in mind and I'm just not thinking of.

- - init_cds():  Method now returns the secret, don't forget to update the
docstring to mention that and say if it's a string or something more

- - There aren't any tests for this (sorry about that, my bad) so you'll
have to add the test file itself.

- - How are you going to override the location of the secret file for unit
tests? The path can be specified but the object is constructed inside of
getsecret(). The default is to read from config, but that's loaded by
gofer (there may be some way of overriding config values loaded by
gofer, which is one reason I'm asking since I don't know).

- - We'll need tests that run both with the secret file present (scenario
of normal usage) and not present (scenario of an initialize). When
cleaning up the test runs by deleting the secret file directory, won't
we run into an issue since Secret is a singleton, is already loaded, so
__mkdir won't get called again?

- - The caching doesn't come into play if gofer is restarted. The secret
is cached on write, but not on read. So if the CDS is bounced after it's
initialized, the caching isn't used.

- - In my experience, singletons have always been a headache in unit tests
since modules aren't unloaded between runs, so you never know exactly
which test is the one causing the instantiation. Is there a benefit to
this approach over simply having module methods read_secret,
write_secret, and delete_secret and caching in the module itself?

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