[Pulp-list] Determining a repo from the request URL

John Matthews jmatthew at redhat.com
Wed Mar 23 13:06:19 UTC 2011

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> >>> What if we prepend the repo-id to the relative_path, the URL
> >>> structure becomes:
> >>> https://<host>/<pulp-repo-httpd-location>/<repo-id>/<repo-relative-path>/<requested-file-path>
> > I'd be happy to make the change, will wait till after Scrum to let
> > others provide feedback.
> Rock. How long do you think it will take? Would you be start it right
> away or do you have anything else on your plate in the way?
> It's kinda critical for me to be able to finish up the repo auth
> stuff.
> Part of waiting until the scrum was going to be to find a resource,
> but
> since you volunteered I'm not sure it makes sense to wait on it. You
> and
> Prad are most familiar with that area, so can you run it by him to see
> if anything is glaringly wrong with it and start on it earlier?

I think it'll be done by mid afternoon.  I'll ping you when it's in.

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