[Pulp-list] debugging rhel5 pulp unit tests

wes hayutin whayutin at redhat.com
Fri Jun 22 13:53:35 UTC 2012

Hey ..
I'm trying to debug the unit tests on rhel5 and I have a couple 
observations on what is causing the errors.
I first thought the setup on the jenkins slave was messed up, so I 
reinstalled on a new box.  I was however able to recreate the exact issues.
The unit tests run w/o error on RHEL6, and I'm not sure if its 
appropriate to change the unit tests based on the version of rhel its 
running on.
Anyway.. here's what I've found thus far.

Platform unit test error:

   File "/usr/lib64/python2.4/logging/handlers.py", line 71, in emit
     if self.shouldRollover(record):
   File "/usr/lib64/python2.4/logging/handlers.py", line 150, in 
     self.stream.seek(0, 2)  #due to non-posix-compliant Windows feature
ValueError: I/O operation on closed file

I'm not sure what is causing the issue, but if you remove the 
python-paste module (Paste) you won't get the io error, just an import 
error.. heh

rpm -support unit tests:
These tests were also bailing out w/ an exception on two arguments.. 
'retry_delay' and 'num_retries'

TypeError: setup() got an unexpected keyword argument 'num_retries'
TypeError: setup() got an unexpected keyword argument 'retry_delay'

attached is a diff w/ those arguments removed:

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