[Pulp-list] DB migration failing

Andy Kelk andy.kelk at iproperty.com
Tue Jun 26 01:17:01 UTC 2012

> Yea this is due to the version of pymongo. I put in a FAQ with workaround
> here https://fedorahosted.org/pulp/**wiki/UGFAQ#rpmname<https://fedorahosted.org/pulp/wiki/UGFAQ#rpmname>
> ~ Prad

Is there another way to work around this and get pulp back up and running?
The record that pymongo is choking on (openoffice.org) is not a package we
have installed. Is there a way to purge everything and block that package
so it doesn't cause issues? I could reinstall from scratch but that would
mean setting up all the clients and repos again - I'd rather not do that if
there's a way to workaround.




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