[Pulp-list] A different way to setup Pulp for development

James Slagle jslagle at redhat.com
Tue Jun 26 15:37:08 UTC 2012

I got tired of trying to switch between Pulp v1 and v2 being installed on my
machine, so I spent some time getting Pulp v2 running out of a different top
level directory. 

In a nutshell, I've added a way to install all the source code and files that
Pulp needs into a directory other than /.  It's similar to how we tell you to
get setup for development now, but doesn't need root access to make any changes
to your machine.  You can then start a separate apache server (as non-root)
using that Pulp installation.

I've pushed what I did up in a seperate branch called "pulp_top_dir" to our git
repo.  In that branch, there is a readme at playpen/pulp_top_dir/README that
explains how to get setup.

Any feedback is appreciated. So far I've logged in and created and sync'd a
repo.  Enough to show I basically had it working, but I'm sure there might be
some issues. 

I'm not looking to merge this into master anytime too soon (master was just
merged into my branch this morning, fyi).  It's more of a POC to see if it was
possible.  But, I think this is a valuable effort, and would make getting setup
to do Pulp development easier.  We in fact have someone else in the community
who was essentially trying to do the same thing as well.

-- James Slagle

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