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Arnold Bechtoldt arnold.bechtoldt at inovex.de
Tue Dec 3 09:33:47 UTC 2013

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There are two Pulp servers in both DCs instead of two Pulp servers in
each DC.

Currently we build a setup where /var/lib/pulp/content,
/var/lib/pulp/published and /etc/pki/pulp  will be located on a NFS
volume. Contents of other sub directories of /var/lib/pulp will be
rsync'ed to the second system.
A mongodb replica (Primary, Secondary) will be used.

Apache httpd listens on a failover/ cluster IP address (actually We want to use a custom CN/ domain != $HOSTNAME for the
mirror DNS name. I'll have to check how many apache configs need to be
altered in order to use custom domain name + SSL cert. I don't want to
overwrite /etc/pki/tls/certs/localhost.crt .

Question: Which apache files (e.g. in /etc/httpd/conf.d) will be
changed by Pulp after Pulp installation? If there are any, can I
disable it?

Thank you.


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Am 27.11.13 21:06, schrieb Arnold Bechtoldt:
> Hey,
> we want to setup Pulp with a two-side HA concept.
> There will be two servers in each of two DCs. Two per DC to do a
> fast failover within a DC, another (identically configured) two in
> the second DC to be able two work when the first DC is completly
> down.
> Repositories to be mirorred:
> * RHEL server with additional repositories/channels * EPEL *
> Foreman (low prio) * Puppet Labs (yum.puppetlabs.com) * rpm repos
> of some hardware vendors * rpm repos of some software community
> projects * several rpm repos of own software
> and the same required for Ubuntu and maybe SLES (ASAP).
> Geo-redundant SAN (both DCs) via NFS is available.
> When I understood Pulp correctly, Pulp requires mainly httpd with 
> mod_wsgi, mongodb and storage (/var/lib/pulp/contents) for
> pulp-server and any host for pulp-admin. pulp-consumer is currently
> not planned for use.
> Besides to the node feature there are no docs concerning pulp HA on
> the web (or PEBKAC) - I would add some as soon I am able to.
> We have tested Pulp to mirror the repos mentioned above and cloned
> some, too. Some questions remained be open:
> * do I need 4 x independent storage space? * do I have to manage 2
> or 4 pulp servers with the same content/sync-tasks/clone-tasks?
> note: every server must be able to provide current mirrors of
> upstream in a short time (5-10 min) after a failover * is it a
> expected behaviour that pulp doesn't re-download missing contents
> to /var/lib/pulp/contents/ of a repo (intentionally removed some)? 
> * is there a way to import contents of a repo (mirror) in another
> pulp server with the same repo settings/parameters? * does a
> mongodb replication (master->3 x slave) make sense?
> notice: Pulp needs to be run on only one system at the same time. 
> Active/Active over both DCs isn't a must. The release of packages
> of the most important mirrors to the consuming hosts will be
> staged.
> Thank you for developing Pulp and giving your ideas to this topic.
> Arnold
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