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Randy Barlow rbarlow at redhat.com
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On Fri, 8 Mar 2013 09:53:40 +0100
Lukas Zapletal <lzap at redhat.com> wrote:
> so is my understanding correct: Pulp V2 cannot export into standard
> repository, only as ISO files?

I'm not clear as to what you mean by "export into standard repository".
We can copy units from one repository to another inside of Pulp. We can
also bundle units into ISOs that can be retrieved from the Pulp server.
Can you clarify?

> Can you describe me the full process of exporting part of our CDN
> structure and importing it into another Pulp V2 instance? I mean, from
> the Pulp perspective there is no directory structure, it is just a
> bunch of repositories.

I believe that you would make a call to publish using the export
distributor with the repo_id that you wish to publish. There is also a
group export distributor that accepts the group_id that you wish to
publish. There are a few filters you can place on the publish
operation, as described in the docs.

Once Pulp builds the ISO, you can retrieve it at
http://<pulp-server-hostname>/pulp/isos. If you then mount that ISO on
the host you wish to import the repositories to, you can use
file:///path/to/iso/mountpoint as the --feed-url for a repository on
the other Pulp instance.

> How many ISO files do I need to create and transfer?

This depends entirely on the size of the repositories that you are
exporting. An ISO is roughly 630 MB (I think), so it will export as
many as it takes to fit your content.

> How do I create these PULP_MANIFEST file for ISO importer?

You may be confusing the ISO Export Distributor with the ISO
Importer and Distributor, which I imagine is easy to do. The ISO
Importer and Distributor are not related to the Export
Distributor, though you could use the ISO Importer and Distributor to
import ISOs made with the Export Distributor if you made your own ISO
repository. The ISO Plugins are meant to be used to synchronize with
and distribute ISOs provided by the CDN.

The PULP_MANIFEST file format is described here:


> What happens when I re-export new content?

If you call the export operation again when there is new content, you
will get an ISO that has all content currently in the repository that
meets your filter criteria.

> How do I re-import new content?

Mount the new ISO that you created when you exported the new content,
and run a repo sync with the file:// path pointed at the mountpoint.

Let me know if you have any more questions!

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