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joshi dhaval d_joshi84 at yahoo.com
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Thanks for the information,

Do you have this setup documented somewhere ? i would like to understand more about celery usage and how distributing it will help to manage load, also about having individual database in each location so they dont have to depend on WAN to access db of other region and maintaining sync between database...

some more info on this or pointing me to some docs will really help me to start seting up pulp 2.4 ( currently while installation i am facing issues with certificate errors, standalone instance i am setting up to start with/ ).

Dhaval Joshi

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 For Pulp 2.3.x the best solution would be to
 use Pulp Nodes (https://pulp-user-guide.readthedocs.org/en/pulp-2.3/nodes.html). 
 This would provide good support for multiple regions.  In
 Pulp 2.4.x, currently in beta, we have added the ability to
 scale out a single pulp installation across multiple servers
 using a shared filesystem.  This would allow you to set up
 multiple apache servers running behind a load balancer as
 well as a mongodb cluster for scaling out the database. 
 Basic installation instructions for Pulp 2.4.x can be found
 at https://pulp-user-guide.readthedocs.org/en/latest/installation.html.
  With Pulp 2.4 you would have a single pulp
 configuration (multiple apache servers & load balancer)
 in each region and then use Pulp Nodes to sync information
 between regions.    
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 anyone using pulp under load balancer ? If someone can guide
 me on how I can run wsgi apache under load balancer also..
 Is there any concepts of primary and secondary database or
 say I have 3 regions and all have there own data and sync
 each regions data to other region by maintaining there own
 data ?
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