[Pulp-list] Queries on LDAP configuration

joshi dhaval d_joshi84 at yahoo.com
Wed Jul 30 17:10:43 UTC 2014

[22:00] <DJ> i configured LDAP using old method by modifying server.conf ....
[22:01] <DJ> now issue is inline comment #are you sure you want to use this ... is causing issue with config.getboolean
[22:01] <DJ> second is ... user has to run pulp-admin -u <uid> -p passwd to get himself added in DB .. but i i want to add user with Some roles assigned ... i cant do it directly with LDAP authentication ...

[22:05] <DJ> Looking at user list with 500 users added .. very difficutl to findout particluar user
[22:05] <DJ> how do i find particular user onlye ?

Dhaval Joshi

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