[Pulp-list] pulp supporting automated deployment/test scenarios?

David Schmitt david at dasz.at
Fri May 9 09:28:05 UTC 2014


I'm currently evaluating pulp as a yum repo backend for a Scientific 
Linux cluster and several other groups of machines. The setup is puppet 
and foreman based. Development is done in local vagrant boxes.

Using vagrant, I expect regular turn-over of consumers. I gather that 
pulp-consumer always has to register with the server first using 
username/password and it seems to me that unregistering the client is a 
manual process.

I've got several questions I was unable to answer from reading the 

  - Is there a way to use pulp repositories without registration?

  - If not, is there a way to timeout registrations easily, so the
    server is not home to a huge number of zombies?

  - If not, how would kickstarting against a pulp repository work?

  - Is it possible to use duplicate consumer-ids (concurrently)?

  - Will pulp-admin rpm repo copy rpm also remove RPMs that are not
    available at --from-repo-id anymore?

  - Does the RPM provider also synchronize the images/ directory
    required for kickstarting?

Thanks for your time, David

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