[Pulp-list] "distributions" will be removed from os/ repos on cdn.redhat.com

Dennis Gregorovic dgregor at redhat.com
Thu May 15 16:45:50 UTC 2014


Back in November with the RHEL 6.5 release we created separate
kickstart/ repos on cdn.redhat.com for RHEL "distributions".  These
kickstart/ repos contain treeinfo, install images, RPMs, etc. that are
needed for a kickstart installation.  

Now that these have been live for a while, I will be removing that
content from the os/ repos.  At that point there will be a clear
delineation where kickstart/ is used to provision a machine and os/ is
used to install or update RPMs afterward.

For anyone syncing pulp against cdn.redhat.com... no action should be
needed.  These removal won't remove your local content.  However, you
may want to manually remove the distributions from your local os/ repos.

This removal is scheduled for Monday, May 19th.

-- Dennis

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