[Pulp-list] Easy way to get gpg-keys?

Moritz Rogalli moritz.rogalli at klarna.com
Thu Nov 13 13:47:21 UTC 2014

Hi mailinglist!

I am working on using pulp as a repository server for os packages. When
using the consumer everything is fine and peachy, the consumer fetches the
gpg-key when binding to a repo.

However we would like to be able to use the repositories without the
consumer. Is there an easy way to get to the gpg-keys for the repositories?
An easy way would be: a directory with the keys, named by repo-id, a
web-url that works without a pulp client certificate.

There is sth in the server.conf that looks like what I am trying to
accomplish, namely the line key_url:

# = Server =
# Controls general Pulp web server behavior.
# server_name:      hostname the admin client and consumers should use when
#                   the server; if not specified, this is defaulted to the
server's hostname
# default_login:    default admin username of the Pulp server; this user
will be
#                   the first time the server is started
# default_password: default password for admin when it is first created;
#                   should be changed once the server is operational
# debugging_mode:   boolean; toggles Pulp's debugging capabilities
# log_level:        The desired logging level. Options are: CRITICAL,
#                   and NOTSET. Pulp will default to INFO.
# server_name: server_hostname
# key_url: /pulp/gpg
# ks_url: /pulp/ks
# default_login: admin
# default_password: admin
# debugging_mode: false
# log_level: INFO

but there is no info in the config file about the parameter and a quick
survey of the code does not enlighten me much (my guess is that it does not
do anything useful but my python is a bit rusty and I am out of coffee).

Any kind of help would be appreciated.


ps: on a side-note: An overview with all the different certificate
structures and which component uses what certificate (especially in a
parent-child relationship) would be really helpful, I spent a lot of time
on hunting certificate problems. :-) I can see whether I have the time to
produce something like this if there is a demand for it from others but I
can't promise a delivery date :-)
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