[Pulp-list] Errors in pulp.log : BSON document too large

Paul Gonin paul.gonin at gmail.com
Mon Nov 24 10:36:30 UTC 2014

Hi !

A few days ago I started synchronizing chef repo from packagecloud.io

I scheduled the sync to be ran every night at 2am.

Since then I have the following MongoDB related error in pulp.log
which seems related to MongoDB document size limit to 16MB

2014-11-22 02:36:56,824 nectar.downloaders.base:ERROR: BSON document
too large (16968021 bytes) - the connected server supports BSON
document sizes up to 16777216 bytes.

Any idea how to address it ?
I looked in Bugzilla if it is known issue but could not anything
related to BSON.


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