[Pulp-list] how does this agent commnication works ?

joshi dhaval d_joshi84 at yahoo.com
Mon Oct 20 18:08:30 UTC 2014


 want to know how this gofer communicate with pulp server?
 there is an issue, when i
 install some package and if package installation fails, then
 i upload different package with higher version in repository
 and try to install that one, the package installation fails
 and i have to run "yum clean all" on client to be
 able to install new package.
 How do i add it to pulp-admin so i can run it
 from remote command ?
 2) is there anyway to install specific version
 of package ?
 for example i
 have package-1.1-1.rpm and package-1.2-1.rpm in a
 repository, there is no way using which i can install 1.1-1,
 it always installs 1.2-1 ... :(

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