[Pulp-list] Trying HA/loadbalance for pulp

joshi dhaval d_joshi84 at yahoo.com
Wed Oct 22 05:51:13 UTC 2014


Yes I am familiar with nodes concepts, I did not find it usefull

My problem is not about tranffering content, issue is uploading contents to repository over WAN, and that is very slow... Even if I use nodes my uploads will go to remote only and that will slow down.... If in nodes concept sync from.child and parent (both side sync) works then only its bit usefull....

Another thing is child node has its own mongodb, does it replicates roles and users created on parent node ? Is all authnticatuin works from parent or child ?


On Wed, Oct 22, 2014 12:33 AM IST Brian Bouterse wrote:

>Are you familiar with the nodes [0] setup of Pulp? If you are trying to manage content between sites, I would recommend reading it to see if it will meet your needs. With nodes you could transfer content using a sync of TK repository content from UK repository content which should perform faster than an upload between sites.
>[0]:  https://pulp-user-guide.readthedocs.org/en/latest/nodes.html
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>> Subject: [Pulp-list] Trying HA/loadbalance for pulp
>> Hello,
>> I am trying to use PULP as loadbalancer ( not exactly HA ) ..
>> i have 2 regions UK and TK ...
>> i have installed my PULP server in UK with mongodb database + apache, PULP
>> broker, worker and celery beat ....
>> Now i have installed second server in TK with PULP broker, apache, worker (
>> not started celerybeat and resource_manager ) and my DB is pointing to UK
>> for all DB entries ..
>> i run rsync for /var/lib/pulp ( it's not shared over NFS ) to sync contents
>> in some time intervals ...
>> i am facing issues while doing uploads ( the error messages are related to
>> celery workers ) so when i try to upload package in repository available in
>> TK, if it has worker processes running it doesnt upload package , same thing
>> happens for Publish ... if i stop worker .. it just works ...... but very
>> random and sometime face issues with PUBLISH ...
>> can you suggest what processes should running on TK and UK ??  also what FS
>> needs to be shared ??
>> Now why i am doing this is because upload from UK to TK pulp server for 1GB
>> RPM it takes almost 30Mins to upload package in repository ( while rycn just
>> takes 1 min to transfer file ) ... any suggestion will help to improve it
>> .....
>> Regards,
>> DJ
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