[Pulp-list] Qpid SSL on Pulp 2.4

Ashby, Jason (IMS) AshbyJ at imsweb.com
Fri Oct 24 18:40:11 UTC 2014

Those certs are the ones generated by /usr/bin/pulp-qpid-ssl-cfg.  I accepted the defaults for that script, except for the CA cert and key which I supplied with:

Please specify a CA.  Generated if not specified.
  Enter a path: /etc/pki/pulp_certs/pulpca.crt

Please specify the CA key
  Enter a path: /etc/pki/pulp_certs/pulpca.key

Does that answer your questions?

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On 10/24/2014 02:19 PM, Ashby, Jason (IMS) wrote:
> [messaging]
> url: ssl://
> cacert: /etc/pki/pulp/qpid/ca.crt
> clientcert: /etc/pki/pulp/qpid/client.crt

Is that cacert the cert that signed the certificate that qpid is
configured to use? And is that client cert signed by the CA that the
qpid server is configured to trust?

> [tasks]
> broker_url: qpid://
> celery_require_ssl: true
> cacert: /etc/pki/pulp/qpid/ca.crt
> keyfile: /etc/pki/pulp/qpid/client.crt
> certfile: /etc/pki/pulp/qpid/client.crt

Same questions here.


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