[Pulp-list] Migration from Pulp 2.3 to Pulp 2.4

Paul Gonin paul.gonin at gmail.com
Wed Oct 29 07:40:25 UTC 2014


Thanks to the support of this list I now have a running 2.4 pulp server.

My "live" pulp server is running 2.3
There are 37 repos (32 rpm repos)

MongoDB database size is 7.4GB
Pulp content size is 111GB

MongoDB database and Pulp content are stored on an NFS share.

I would like to migrate the content from my 2.3 pulp server to 2.4
pulp server (without creating repos and syncing them manually). How
would you recommend to proceed ?

I was thinking backup / restore of MongoDB + changing the NSF from
server 2.3 to server 2.4.


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