[Pulp-list] question wrt copying errata from 1 repo to another

Claer claer at claer.hammock.fr
Wed Feb 11 11:13:07 UTC 2015

On Tue, Feb 10 2015 at 15:10, Randy Barlow wrote:

> On 02/10/2015 06:04 AM, Claer wrote:
> > Last time I checked, (2.4 release if I remember well ;)) The recursive flag
> > matches the rpm on the source and not on the destination. Is it now possible to
> > match the dependencies based on the objects available on the destination
> > repository?
> I'm not sure I understand. Since the copy operation is linking objects
> from the source to the destination, the --recursive flags tells it to
> also link the references and dependencies of those objects while it's
> copying them.
> What would it mean to match dependencies based on objects in the
> destination? Can you clarify a little more?
Sure, let me try to explain what I mean by using an example.

I try to copy erratas & erratas rpm from repository AREPO to BREPO.
AREPO contains the following rpms :
- firstrpm-1.0-2
- secondrpm-2.0-1
- thirdrpm-1.0-1

BREPO contains the following rpms
- firstrpm-1.0-1
- secondrpm-1.0-1

firstrpm-1.0-1 depends on secondrpm

firstrpm-1.0-2 depends on secondrpm
firstrpm-1.0-2 depends on thirdrpm

There is a security errata for firstrpm, the bug is patched in firstrpm-1.0-2.

If I use the recursive flag, I'll end up with BREPO looking exactly as AREPO. I
want BREPO to looks like this :
- firstrpm-1.0-2
- secondrpm-1.0-1
- thirdrpm-1.0-1

I hope it explains what I wish :)



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