[Pulp-list] Unsupported scheme: ftp

Borkowski, Dan BorkowskiD at aimspecialtyhealth.com
Thu Feb 12 16:14:16 UTC 2015


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Hey Dan

I ran into the same issue and figured out that it's also available via http:


happy syncing :)


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I'm having an issue connecting to the only remote ftp source I have configured.  Are ftp sources supported?

# pulp-admin rpm repo sync run --repo-id mondorescue-el6-x86_64-upstream
                                                                                                Synchronizing Repository [mondorescue-el6-x86_64-upstream]

This command may be exited via ctrl+c without affecting the request.

Downloading metadata...
... failed

Unsupported scheme: ftp

Task Failed

Importer indicated a failed response

--Repo Details--

Id:                  mondorescue-el6-x86_64-upstream
Display Name:        Mondo Rescue for Enterprise Linux 6 - upstream
Description:         None
Content Unit Counts:
  Rpm: 5
    Feed: ftp://ftp.mondorescue.org/rhel/6/x86_64
  Id:               yum_importer
  Importer Type Id: yum_importer
  Last Sync:        2015-02-11T16:53:09Z
  Repo Id:          mondorescue-el6-x86_64-upstream
  Scheduled Syncs:
  Auto Publish:        True
    Gpgkey:    <CUT>
    Http:         True
    Https:        True
    Relative URL: /mondorescue/el/6Server/x86_64/upstream
  Distributor Type Id: yum_distributor
  Id:                  yum_distributor
  Last Publish:        2015-01-09T18:07:25Z
  Repo Id:             mondorescue-el6-x86_64-upstream
  Scheduled Publishes:
  Auto Publish:        False
    Http:  True
    Https: True
  Distributor Type Id: export_distributor
  Id:                  export_distributor
  Last Publish:        None
  Repo Id:             mondorescue-el6-x86_64-upstream
  Scheduled Publishes:


2015-02-11 10:45:15,637 - INFO - POST request to /pulp/api/v2/tasks/search/ with parameters {"criteria": {"filters": {"state": {"$nin": ["finished", "error", "canceled", "skipped"]}, "tags": {"$all": ["pulp:repository:mondorescue-el6-x86_64-upstream", "pulp:action:sync"]}}}}
2015-02-11 10:45:15,637 - INFO - Response status : 200

2015-02-11 10:45:15,637 - INFO - Response body :

2015-02-11 10:45:16,525 - INFO - POST request to /pulp/api/v2/repositories/mondorescue-el6-x86_64-upstream/actions/sync/ with parameters {"override_config": null}
2015-02-11 10:45:16,525 - INFO - Response status : 202

2015-02-11 10:45:16,525 - INFO - Response body :
  "spawned_tasks": [
      "_href": "/pulp/api/v2/tasks/a98ae991-edd1-4391-b2fd-96e6c771d5a2/",
      "task_id": "a98ae991-edd1-4391-b2fd-96e6c771d5a2"
  "result": null,
  "error": null

2015-02-11 10:45:17,562 - INFO - GET request to /pulp/api/v2/tasks/a98ae991-edd1-4391-b2fd-96e6c771d5a2/ with parameters None
2015-02-11 10:45:17,562 - INFO - Response status : 200

2015-02-11 10:45:17,563 - INFO - Response body :
  "exception": null,
  "task_type": "pulp.server.tasks.repository.sync_with_auto_publish",
  "_href": "/pulp/api/v2/tasks/a98ae991-edd1-4391-b2fd-96e6c771d5a2/",
  "task_id": "a98ae991-edd1-4391-b2fd-96e6c771d5a2",
  "tags": [
  "finish_time": "2015-02-11T16:45:16Z",
  "_ns": "task_status",
  "start_time": "2015-02-11T16:45:16Z",
  "traceback": "Traceback (most recent call last):\n  File \"/usr/lib/python2.6/site-packages/celery/app/trace.py\", line 240, in trace_task\n    R = retval = fun(*args, **kwargs)\n  File \"/usr/lib/python2.6/site-packages/pulp/server/async/tasks.py\", line 316, in __call__\n    return super(Task, self).__call__(*args, **kwargs)\n  File \"/usr/lib/python2.6/site-packages/celery/app/trace.py\", line 437, in __protected_call__\n    return self.run(*args, **kwargs)\n  File \"/usr/lib/python2.6/site-packages/pulp/server/tasks/repository.py\", line 210, in sync_with_auto_publish\n    sync_result = managers.repo_sync_manager().sync(repo_id, sync_config_override=overrides)\n  File \"/usr/lib/python2.6/site-packages/pulp/server/managers/repo/sync.py\", line 113, in sync\n    raise PulpExecutionException(_('Importer indicated a failed response'))\nPulpExecutionException: Importer indicated a failed response\n",
  "spawned_tasks": [],
  "progress_report": {
    "yum_importer": {
      "content": {
        "size_total": 0,
        "items_left": 0,
        "items_total": 0,
        "state": "NOT_STARTED",
        "size_left": 0,
        "details": {
          "rpm_total": 0,
          "rpm_done": 0,
          "drpm_total": 0,
          "drpm_done": 0
        "error_details": []
      "comps": {
        "state": "NOT_STARTED"
      "distribution": {
        "items_total": 0,
        "state": "NOT_STARTED",
        "error_details": [],
        "items_left": 0
      "errata": {
        "state": "NOT_STARTED"
      "metadata": {
        "state": "FAILED",
        "error": "Unsupported scheme: ftp"
  "queue": "reserved_resource_worker-1@<SERVERNAME>.dq",
  "state": "error",
  "result": null,
  "error": {
    "code": "PLP0000",
    "data": {},
    "description": "Importer indicated a failed response",
    "sub_errors": []
  "_id": {
    "$oid": "54db871c8973bcec742f8e84"
  "id": "54db871c35cf1705e91c0d12"

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