[Pulp-list] Pulp's Migration from Bugzilla to Redmine Planned -- Thursday 2/26 @ 23:00 UTC

Brian Bouterse bbouters at redhat.com
Wed Feb 25 23:03:39 UTC 2015

The issues that postponed the Pulp migration from Bugzilla to Redmine have been resolved. The migration of all non-closed Pulp bugs and RFEs is planned for Thursday 2/26 @ 23:00 UTC (6pm EST). The Bugzilla Pulp tracker [0] will not allow new bugs to be filed starting on Friday 2/27 at 14:00 UTC (9AM EST). An e-mail will be sent when the migration is started. You will likely receive some e-mail during the migration, and another e-mail will be sent when the migration is complete. Once completed, the Redmine issue tracker [1] will be used for all Pulp bug and story tracking.

[0]: https://bugzilla.redhat.com/buglist.cgi?bug_status=NEW&classification=Community&list_id=3265077&product=Pulp
[1]: https://pulp.plan.io/


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