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[Pulp-list] question wrt copying errata from 1 repo to another


I'm pretty new to Pulp and I tried following 1 of the recipes in the documentation.
I have 1 repo which downloads from RHN and I created a second repo to create a set of 'approved' updates.
The creation of the repo's works fine and copying only the security errata also seems to work.
But when I publish the 'errata' repo as http and adding this repo to the yum config of a client the clients doesn't see any content in that repo. When browsing to the repo I only see a repodata folder with basically an empty filelist.xml.gz file
Can anybody help me in finding out what I'm doing wrong?

I'm running Pulp 2.5.3 on RHEL 6.6

I  copyied the errata with the command below
pulp-admin --username=xxx --password=xxx rpm repo copy errata  --match type=security \
--from-repo-id=rhel6-x86_64-os --to-repo-id=rhel-6-x86_64-updates

When publishing the repo I see there are 614 errata published. But when running yum check-update on a client I get nothing back.
Should I see symlinks or anything else in the published repo folder? Or is it normal there is only a repodata folder in there? Any hint on where I need to start looking to find out what is wrong?

Best Regards,

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