[Pulp-list] Strugling with pulp server initialization

Eric Berthiaume (External) Eric_Berthiaume.external at discovery.com
Tue Nov 3 08:42:26 UTC 2015

Hello Randy,

Thanks for your message.  I did suspect that was the case but I do have the python-gofer 

# rpm -qa | grep gofer

..... oh wait....

# yum install python-gofer-qpid

# pulp-admin login -u admin
Successfully logged in. Session certificate will expire at Nov 10 08:40:16 2015

All good..... Thanks you very much for your help!


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Eric Berthiaume (External) wrote:
> Nov  2 18:01:31 host1 pulp: pulp.server.webservices.application:ERROR:
> (23339-24480) *NoAdaptersLoaded: No messaging adapters loaded*

Hello Eric, I suspect that you might be missing the python-gofer-qpid package, which is the gofer package that provides the qpid message adapter. There are also python-gofer-amqp and python-gofer-proton messaging adapters for different message brokers if you happen to not be using qpidd.

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