[Pulp-list] Pulp-admin connection refused (CentOS 7)

Daniel R. lists at micronarrativ.org
Tue Nov 17 11:32:33 UTC 2015


I am gonna answer myself first:

På 2015-11-17 ,11:25:20, skrev Daniel R.:
> * The thing that is different compared to previous installations is,
>   that I do not have a full understanding of the initial setup of the
>   host I am installing on. So I will go and do a reference installation
>   on a VM to check any weird configuration there, but if somebody is
>   familiar with this error and could point something obvious out to
>   check that I missed: that would be very kind.

I seems like the problem might be somewhere where.
A quickly installed vagrant box with CentOS 7.1 and the linked
installation procedure ended up in a working installation. The local
port 443 is reachable as well.
I will investigate into that direction further.
At this moment I am not sure that this is actually a problem of Pulp,
but more likely a configuration issue on the OS level.


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