[Pulp-list] Pulp consumer - rabbitmq vhost setting

Ashby, Jason (IMS) AshbyJ at imsweb.com
Tue Nov 17 19:14:46 UTC 2015


Due to the broken qpid-ccp-server dependency<https://pulp.plan.io/issues/1340> bug in EL6, I'm switching to rabbitmq for the messaging broker (we already have some rabbitmq servers around too), but I'm having trouble with the consumer side.

In /etc/pulp/consumer/consumer.conf there does not appear to be a setting for credentials (user/pass) or vhost for rabbitmq.

# Agent messaging.
# scheme:
#   The broker URL scheme. Either 'tcp' or 'ssl' can be used. The default is 'tcp'.
# host:
#   The broker host (default: host defined in [server]).
# port:
#   The broker port number. The default is 5672.
# transport:
#   The AMQP transport name. Valid options are 'qpid' or 'rabbitmq'. The default is 'qpid'.
# cacert:
#   The (optional) absolute path to a PEM encoded CA certificate to validate the identity of the
#   broker.
# clientcert:
#   The optional absolute path to PEM encoded key & certificate used to authenticate to the broker
#   with.

The config format is different from the url/broker_url settings in server.conf.  I have tried:

scheme = tcp
host = pulpuser:secret at rabbit01.example.com:5672/pulp_vhost
transport = rabbitmq
# port =

and that gets me pretty close:

# /var/log/messages
Nov 17 14:03:27 pulp01 goferd: [INFO][worker-0] gofer.messaging.adapter.amqp.connection:108 - connecting: URL: tcp://pulpuser:secret@rabbit01.example.com:5672|SSL: ca: None|key: None|certificate: /etc/pki/pulp/consumer/consumer-cert.pem|host-validation: None

But doesn't allow me to specify vhost.  Any ideas?

My servers are running CentOS 6, pulp 2.7.0.



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