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We create dated snapshots of RHEL repositories (using pulp rpm repo copy).  For instance, for 7Server, we may have the following repo path:


Our configuration management system allows us to define a snapshot date for each tier of host in our environment (DEV, QA, PROD, etc).  When we cut a new snapshot (usually quarterly), we 'pulp rpm repo copy rpm' from the "bleeding edge" RHEL repository (which is synced nightly) to the snapshot repository.   All DEV hosts get pointed at the new repository for testing, and eventually we point all PROD hosts to the new snapshot date once the updates have been tested.

For each dated snapshot, we also have an "emergency" repository:


This repository is used to promote critical/emergency packages out of band.  In this case, we again use 'pulp rpm repo copy' to promote individual packages from the 'bleeding edge' repository into the dated 'emergency' snapshot repository.  This makes critical packages immediately available to all hosts currently assigned to that snapshot without having to cut an entirely new snapshot of all packages.

Our hosts are provisioned using the snapshot repositories as well, which ensures that all systems have a consistent set of packages.  Hope this helps.



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Is there a best practice document for how to keep a set of systems on a specific version of a distro?

Say, all the testing was done against Centos 6.5, but 6.6 and 6.7 are out. I want my production systems to work with 6.5 but my QA is on 6.6 and I am developing against 6.7.

I am trying to figure out how to lay out the repositories in pulp. I suspect the answer is 3 different repos, and creatively/carefully copying errata (with their packages) from 6.7 into the 6.5 repo.

Please don't ask why I wouldn't want to be on latest all the time. It is a somewhat contrived example of a real-life situation.

Thank you!
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