[Pulp-list] "no_proxy" importer plugin key-value doesn't exist?

Kodiak Firesmith kfiresmith at gmail.com
Sun Sep 13 20:34:43 UTC 2015

Hey Folks,
Now that Satellite 6.1.1 dropped, I've finally started digging into running
Sat6 and figuring out how to carry forward established workflows from Sat5.

One thing I ran into pretty immediately is that it appears that when
setting proxy variables for Satellite 6 / Pulp, it looks like an
all-or-nothing proposition to use a proxy.

Since our enterprise proxy system is configured specifically to not pass
through any traffic not destined for outside the border*, we now have the
choice of synchronizing content only from without (EPEL, cdn.redhat, etc),
or syncing content only from within (eg: yum.somedept.college.edu,

This obviously doesn't work very well for us as we'd like to be able to get
content from both inside and outside our borders.

Is my assessment based on what I've observed from Satellite 6 + the Pulp
docs (https://pulp.readthedocs.org/en/latest/user-guide/server.html#plugins),
correct that I can't do something simple to fix this problem such as use
"no_proxy = *.college.edu" at this point with Pulp?

 - Kodiak

* The enterprise proxies serving server vlans are intentionally configured
not to pass internal traffic because it would be a handy way for users on
certain vlans to use the proxy to access other vlans for which there are
network firewall rules prohibiting such a thing.  The network team knows of
the issue I'm having with Satellite 6 and will not create an exception.  I
already tried the easy route.
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