[Pulp-list] Criteria search consumers

Roth, Sandro Sandro.Roth at zurich-airport.com
Tue Apr 26 06:19:50 UTC 2016

Hi guys

I'm testing out the consumer and wondering about group bindings and memberships.

I have registered some consumers and now would like to add them to a group based on their notes.
One of them has the following notes

  Os: 7
  Vm: true

I'm able to search based on "top level" fields like id but how do I search for these notes?

Things I've tried

pulp-admin consumer search --str-eq vm=true
pulp-admin consumer search --int-eq os=7
pulp-admin consumer search --match notes,vm=true

Any help would be appreciated :)

How are you handling group membership and bindings?
Is there a way to automatically join a group on registration and based on the group get bindings?


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