[Pulp-list] How to modify a configuration of a created repository?

Kodiak Firesmith kfiresmith at gmail.com
Thu Dec 8 11:01:26 UTC 2016

'pulp-admin rpm repo update' will show you the options you can change.

On Dec 8, 2016 5:52 AM, "aurelien" <aurelien at hackers.camp> wrote:

Hello Pulp!

I would like to change the configuration of a repository already

pulp-admin command offer many operation but does not seems to offer
possible change/modification option:

# pulp-admin rpm repo
Usage: pulp-admin [SUB_SECTION, ..] COMMAND
Description: repository lifecycle commands

Available Sections:
  content - search the contents of a repository
  copy    - copies one or more content units between repositories
  export  - run or view the status of a repository export
  group   - repository group commands
  publish - run or view the status of publish tasks
  remove  - remove modules from a repository
  sync    - run, schedule, or view the status of sync tasks
  uploads - upload modules into a repository

Available Commands:
  create - creates a new repository
  delete - deletes a repository
  list   - lists repositories on the Pulp server
  search - searches for repositories on the server
  update - changes metadata on an existing repository

# pulp-admin rpm repo content
Usage: pulp-admin [SUB_SECTION, ..] COMMAND
Description: search the contents of a repository

Available Commands:
  category     - search for package categories (groups of package
  groups) in a repository
  distribution - list distributions in a repository
  drpm         - search for DRPMs in a repository
  environment  - search for package environments (collections of
  package groups)in a repository
  errata       - search errata in a repository
  group        - search for package groups in a repository
  langpacks    - search for package langpacks in a repository
  metafile     - search for Yum Metadata Files in a repository
  rpm          - search for RPMs in a repository
  srpm         - search for SRPMs in a repository

Is there a way to edit that directly somewhere or with a command from


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