[Pulp-list] consumer tasks won't start

Dennis Kliban dkliban at redhat.com
Fri Mar 4 19:56:50 UTC 2016

Is goferd running?

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> Hi - I am new to pulp. I have a working pulp repo and I am able to
> successfully bind consumers to the repo and bind to the repositories as long
> as the servers I'm binding are on the same vlan. However, I have a bunch of
> servers on different vlans that are not able to do this successfully.
> The connection is happening on port 5672. I have confirmed that I can
> successfully telnet to this port on the pulp server from my other servers.
> When I try to bind I get this on the new server:
> # pulp-consumer rpm bind --repo-id=puppet
> Bind tasks successfully created:
> Task Id: 03eb9069-ada8-4940-aa30-fbcba53c39a7
> On the pulp server, I see:
> Operations: agent_bind
> Resources: rhel1 (consumer), puppet (repository), yum_distributor
> (repository_distributor)
> State: Waiting
> Start Time: Unstarted
> Finish Time: Incomplete
> Task Id: 03eb9069-ada8-4940-aa30-fbcba53c39a7
> But I see no traffic on port 5672 between the new server and the pulp server
> and the task never starts. Is there something else that I need to do to
> allow the traffic between them? I have turned off selinux and iptables on
> the new server to make sure those aren't blocking. Is there a way to turn up
> debug on pulp to have more information sent to the log? In my log I can see
> where I cancelled the tasks that never worked but I don't see anything
> indicating that a new task was even started.
> Thanks -
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