[Pulp-list] Red hat minor version sync

Jeremy Cline jcline at redhat.com
Mon Mar 21 13:56:54 UTC 2016

On 03/21/2016 09:36 AM, Brian Bouterse wrote:
> Oleg, As I understand it rpm repositories don't support versioning, and
> generally RHEL repos are constant being updated with new/better content.
> Given that, unless there is a feed available for specifically RHEL 6.6 I
> don't know of a way to do this today with Pulp.

There is a feed available:

for example. The 6Server in


is actually just a link to the latest minor release. Weirdly it looks
like there isn't a 6.0, but there is 6.1 through 6.7. There is 7.0
through 7.2, though.

Just sync that feed specifically and you should get that minor release
along with any errata released for that minor release.

Jeremy Cline

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