[Pulp-list] A repository download policy set to background means?

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> Hello,
> To avoid flooding the mailing list with multiple E-Mails, I'll
> be collapsing a few questions into one E-Mail.
> 1. I had assumed a completed sync task meant it pulled remote packages
> onto the pulp server. The documentation isn't quite clear on this
> subject because this does not seem to be the case?
> 2. Going through bug reports in regards to download policies, the
> picture is clearer regarding immediate and on_demand policies but
> quite vague about what background policy do?
> 3. Do you really need to download content units onto the pulp server?
> 	3.a. If not, how does this work? Does consumers contact the
> 	origin servers directly?
> 	3.b. If yes, what is difference of scheduling a sync task and
> 	not a "download" task?
> Regards

While resolving an entirely different issue regarding pulp, I stumbled
on https://media.readthedocs.org/pdf/pulp/stable/pulp.pdf and
Which elaborates a bit more on what each download policy actually does.
So far, I've installed python-pulp-streamer and varnish on the same
box, although I am bit confuse as to why I would need an additional
'Reverse Proxy' in the stack. That at least fixes the 'No more mirrors
left to try' problem I was facing on consumers.


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