[Pulp-list] Bug Inquisition?

Sean Myers sean.myers at redhat.com
Mon May 16 23:06:44 UTC 2016

We have a lot of open bugs that can probably be closed; either
they've already been fixed or they no longer apply to the
current version of pulp. To help deal with this, a monthly meeting
has been proposed to "triage" old bugs. Before considering a
re-triage of these old bugs, it seems like it might be useful to
do an "inquisition" (credit to mhrivnak for the term) and closing
out bugs that are obviously no longer useful.

Unfortunately, there are 970 open bugs in Redmine at the time
I'm writing this, so even if we commit to doing 100 bugs in one
of these monthly sessions, it'll be 10 months before we've gotten
through that backlog, and new bugs will be coming in all the while.

I think it's a really good idea to go through all of these, but we
need to come up with a sort of litmus test to Yea/Nay the closing
of issues that we can apply to our backlog to make cleaning these
issues out less painful. Unfortunately, after looking at this for
a little while, nothing is really popping out at me as a way to
make the process easy, or easy to distribute.

Any ideas?

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