[Pulp-list] Implementing Support for New Types - Directory Loading

Jay Medrano jay.medrano at neulion.com
Wed May 25 15:54:33 UTC 2016

This question was already answered by Randy Barlow. It seems that the
directory loading method has been deprecated. I’ve since started using the
method suggested. Here is Randy’s response.

Hello Jay,

The directory loading plugin discovery method has been deprecated for some
time, and will likely be removed with Pulp 3.0. I recommend using the
Python entry points plugin loading method instead, which is how all Pulp
plugins get loaded. Here's how the Python plugin announces its presence to


I hope that helps!


Randy Barlow

irc:   bowlofeggs

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Did you run pulp-manage-db?

sudo -u apache pulp-manage-db

On Fri, May 20, 2016 at 11:03 AM, Jay Medrano <jay.medrano at neulion.com>

Hello folks,

I’m trying to add support for a new type
and I’m using the “directory loading” method and I’m placing files directly
under /usr/lib/pulp/plugins for testing. The problem is I can’t seem to get
Pulp to recognize my new importer. This is what my importer directory looks


*|-- importer.py*

*`-- __init__.py*

I’ve got some really basic code in my importer.py file and I’ve already
added a types definition under /usr/lib/pulp/plugins/types followed by a
‘sudo -u apache pulp-manage-db’ call.

*from pulp.plugins.importer import Importer*

*def entry_point():*

*    return MyContentImporter, {}*

*class MyContentImporter(Importer):*

*    @classmethod*

*    def metadata(cls):*

*        return {*

*            'id' : 'my_importer',*

*            'display_name' : 'My Artifact',*

*            'types' : ['my_artifact'],*

*        }*

*    def validate_config(self, repo, config):*

*      return True, ''*

This is the error I’m getting.

*2016-05-20 10:41:17,476 - ERROR - Exception occurred:*

*        href:      /pulp/api/v2/repositories/*

*        method:    POST*

*        status:    400*

*        error:     The importer type my_importer does not exist*

*        traceback: None*

*        data:      {u'args': [], u'error': {u'code': u'PLP1008', u'data':
{u'importer_type_id': u'my_importer'}, u'description': u'The importer type
my_importer does not exist', u'sub_errors': []}}*

Any help to get my importer to be recognized would be greatly appreciated.



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