[Pulp-list] Pulp 2.8.4 Hotfix Beta Released

Sean Myers sean.myers at redhat.com
Tue May 31 21:18:18 UTC 2016

2.8.4 is now a *hotfix* release. Beta 2 has been pushed to the 2.8 repositories:


Due to migration failures discovered after the release of Pulp 2.8.3, the previously
announced 2.8.4 Beta release (Beta 1) has been preempted by a hotfix release to address
these migration issues. All other issues that were being addressed in 2.8.4 have been
moved to 2.8.5; Beta 2 only addresses critical migration failures.

Given the narrow scope of this fix and the severity of broken migrations, our plan is
to make this hotfix Generally Available as quickly as we can.

Issues Addressed

The following issues address migration failures in the Pulp platform and pulp_rpm plugins:

1929	The 0023_importer_tls_storage.py migration assumes that Importers always have configs when they do not
1931	FieldDoesNotExist: The field '_rpm_references' does not exist on the document 'Errata'
1945	pulp 2.8.3 migration fails on unit 0028
1952	Repo sync fails after upgrade to 2.8.3.

You can view this list in Redmine: http://bit.ly/1OPWob4

Puppet Plugin Version

The pulp_puppet plugin has had its version incremented to conform to the platform release
version, but no changes have been made to its functionality; it is built directly from
the 2.8.3-1 release tag.

Docker Plugin Version

This release does not address my incorrectly built version of the docker plugin,
but no special handling of that case should be needed for this release since
my error was to re-build the latest released version of the docker plugin,
making the current release (2.0.1) functionally identical to the erroneously-
released beta of docker (2.0.2 beta 1). Users that have already installed 2.8.4
beta 1 may still be running the beta version of docker after upgrading to 2.8.4
beta 2. If issues *do* arise as a result of the docker plugin version increment,
I recommend testing the 2.8.4 beta upgrade on a system running Pulp 2.8.3 or older,
and not upgrading to 2.8.4 beta 1 from 2.8.4 beta 2.

This will be corrected in the next release of the docker plugin, which should be
be coming along with pulp 2.8.5.

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