[Pulp-list] Try Pulp 3.0

Sean Myers sean.myers at redhat.com
Wed Nov 16 21:45:08 UTC 2016

On 11/16/2016 02:23 PM, Thomas Mueller wrote:
> hi
> After reading http://pulpproject.org/2016/10/31/pulp-3.0-mvp/  I'm eager
> to try this MVP.
>  http://docs.pulpproject.org/en/3.0/nightly/contributing/build_guide.html
> is a bit short of text or maybe i just failed to find the right spot. :-)
> Is it already in a state to play or is too early?

Right now it's too early; we actually just got those docs published yesterday
in hopes of talking about what we plan to do with them in tomorrow's sprint demo.

The developer setup[0] is similarly barren, but I'm working on a story for this
sprint to make the developer setup experience much more reliable, which (in my
opinion) includes documentation on how the developer setup should actually work.

I think in a few weeks you'll have something to play with, even if the only
thing Pulp knows how to do at that point is create a repository.

[0]: http://docs.pulpproject.org/en/3.0/nightly/contributing/dev-setup.html

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