[Pulp-list] dropping el6 builds of Pulp

Christina Plummer cplummer at gmail.com
Thu Nov 17 21:23:13 UTC 2016

> 1. Make 2.11 the last Pulp release to have el6 packages. All 2.11.z
> releases would get el6 support. 2.12 would have el7 and Fedora packages
> only.
> 2. Make el6 builds available until the day Django14 gets removed from
> epel6. On that day, Pulp on el6 would become unsupported and builds would
> stop.

I guess it depends on what is meant by "support."  Assuming that option 2
means "you're on your own for all versions from this day forward", then I
would vote for option 1 - I'd rather have a known terminal release than a
drop-dead date for ALL current and previous releases.
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