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this is the example how to copy one specific RPM :

$ pulp-admin rpm repo copy rpm --from-repo-id zoo --to-repo-id zoo2 --str-eq='filename=walrus-5.21-1.noarch.rpm'

This command may be exited via ctrl+c without affecting the request.




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I was thinking and testing the same approach, with "copy rpm". 
A few disadvantages: 
you cannot copy specific RPM 
you cannot copy only latest versions. 
RPMs that don't exist on source won't be deleted from dest 

Or maybe there's some filters which can do that above. 

What I like more is having the prod repositories configured to sync from stage with: 
--feed=XXX --remove-missing=true --download-policy=on_demand --relative-url=XXX 

Then you upload/publish to stage and later just run sync for prod. 
No one must push directly to prod. I just wonder how can I enforce this on the server side. 

On 09/05/16 08:28, Vaclav Adamec wrote: 

I'm using Ansible playbooks for deployment and Puppet+Hiera to setup repozitories on servers (right now about 30 repozitories at all, about 5 per server). All servers have disabled live repozitories (for security patches) and enabled assigned stage (dev has live, integration unstable, production stable). Than it's just a pipeline of commands on Ansible playbook like this: 

# Live repo runs two times per day 
rpm repo sync run --repo-id=centos_live 
rpm repo publish run --repo-id=centos6_live 

#Every week 
rpm repo copy rpm --from-repo-id=centos6_live centos6_unstable 
rpm repo publish run ... 

#Every month 
rpm repo copy rpm --from-repo-id= centos6_unstable centos6_stable 
rpm repo publish run ... 

After publishing Ansible playbook will run update on all servers in given stage. 

Is that something what do you want to achieve ? As a simple GUI I'm using Jenkins (as a smarter crontab) and ocsreports to get back installed packages and system overview. Pulp server is behind caching Nginx proxies (just RPMs, not metadata). I don't using any kind of registration to Pulp as for dynamic/cloud environment it's more or less stupid idea. 


On Sat, Sep 3, 2016 at 12:56 PM, Vladimir Vasilev < vvasilev at redhat.com > wrote: 


I checked the latest pulp docs and can't find this.. 
Is there a way to have environments (dev->stage->prod or any) and kind 
of promote RPMs to the upper? 
I see some "content environment" in [1] but the idea is different. 
There's copy from one repo to another and again to method to copy 
specific RPMs or latest versions. 

Looks like juicer [2] is trying to solve this. We use it for one client 
and it works. Downside is that I'm stuck with 3rd party tool. 

[1] https://docs.pulpproject.org/plugins/pulp_rpm/user-guide/recipes.html 
[2] https://github.com/juicer/juicer 

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