[Pulp-list] Best way to perform clean install?

Christina Plummer cplummer at gmail.com
Thu Sep 8 14:03:25 UTC 2016

Hello Pulp list,

What is the best way to perform a clean install?

I had been running 2.3.1 for a couple of years on two servers in a parent
node-child node relationship.  I've recently installed Pulp 2.9.2 on a
brand new server to be my new parent node.  Now I want to do a fresh
install on the child node as well, and connect it to the new parent.  The
child syncs all its content from the parent, so I really don't need to
preserve anything on it, but I want to make it as clean as possible.  Going
through multiple upgrades to get from 2.3 to 2.9 didn't seem worth it.

I was thinking something like:
 - stop httpd and mongod
 - yum remove pulp-* python-pulp-* (is this necessary/a good idea?)
 - rm -rf /var/lib/pulp /etc/pulp /var/lib/mongodb
 - follow the install/config instructions for 2.9.2

Am I missing anything? Is there a better way?

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