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[Pulp-list] Failed upgrade pulp 2.10 -> 2.12

Hi Folks,
After having no problem upgrading beta, I took on a weekend upgrade of prod and just my luck, can't upgrade the DB. 

Sadly, I'm no programmer and certainly not a MongoDB whiz so I'm a bit dead in the water after hitting this:


My recovery plan was to basically just run a 'yum history undo ##', but I discovered I can't roll back to 2.10-1 easily because the packages no longer seem to exist on the internet - I should have checked and mirrored them before taking on the upgrade, shame on me and an opportunity to improve my future process to be sure.

Anyhow, google brings me exactly one hit for the pasted error above:

...But I'm not so sure on messing around with the Pulp production DB, despite having backups it still makes me wary.

Anyone have any advice?

Thanks much!
 - Kodiak

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