[Pulp-list] Weird failure and traceback related to gpg_key_id feature

Kodiak Firesmith kfiresmith at gmail.com
Wed Nov 21 12:54:47 UTC 2018

Hi Folks,
So we're not setting anything related to GPG key IDs for YUM repodata, yet
for a single package on a single upstream Red Hat CDN channel, we're
getting tracebacks each time a sync is run that seem to be rooted in this

Progress Report:
  Yum Importer:
      State: FINISHED
        Drpm Done:  0
        Drpm Total: 0
        Rpm Done:   1
        Rpm Total:  1
      Error Details:
        Error Code: gpg_key_id_filter_failure
        Name:       perl-gettext-1.05-28.el7.x86_64.rpm
      Items Left:    0
      Items Total:   1
      Size Left:     0
      Size Total:    22028
      State:         FINISHED

The CDN path is "
and I'm guessing this should be widely and universally repeatable.

I can file a story about this on the bug list but I'm not sure I'll be able
to adequately describe the problem since I don't really understand the
inner workings of this feature.

I think we essentially have two problems related to this:
 - Repo sync jobs traceback when this is encountered - it would probably be
better to catch the error than to just trace out.
 - Something is funky with a single package on a single Red Hat CDN channel
and should probably be remedied by the folks who manage CDN.

Currently running 2.16.3 - apologies if the traceback has been fixed in
current release - I couldn't find this exact issue in the bug tracker so I
wasn't sure if it had been seen before.

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