[Pulp-list] Pulpcore RC4 is Available

Brian Bouterse bbouters at redhat.com
Thu Jul 25 22:11:01 UTC 2019

The pulpcore 3.0.0rc4 and pulpcore-plugin 0.1.0rc4 packages are available
on PyPI [0][1]. This release was prompted to resolve an incompatibility
with djangorestframework 3.10.0 that released on July 15th.

RC4 includes a new chunked/parallel upload feature and various bugfixes. We
encourage users to try RC4, through an RC4 compatible plugin on a
non-production system.

# Release Notes

pulpcore (user docs)  -
pulpcore-plugin (plugin writer docs) -

# Can I upgrade from earlier RCs?

You should install RC4 on a fresh to fresh database. Upgrading from earlier
Release Candidates is not supported.

# What plugins are compatible with RC4?

All RC3 compatible plugins should be possible with RC4.

# How do I try this?

* Use pulplift ( https://github.com/pulp/pulplift ) which creates a VM for
you locally and runs the Pulp installer.
* Use the Pulp Installer ( https://github.com/pulp/ansible-pulp ) on a
machine you provisioned.

# What about client bindings?

Python [2] and Ruby [3] bindings are built+published to PyPI and rubgems.org
respectively. See [2][3] for details on usage.

# Where do I get help?

Ask questions via pulp-list at redhat.com or come into the #pulp channel on
Freenode for help.

[0]: https://pypi.org/project/pulpcore/
[1]: https://pypi.org/project/pulpcore-plugin/
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