[Pulp-list] pulp_python 3.2.0 is Generally Available

Gerrod Ubben gubben at redhat.com
Wed Apr 14 22:45:04 UTC 2021

pulp_python 3.2.0 is now generally available. [0] It is compatible with
pulpcore 3.9 through 3.12.

This release contains three new sync filters, check out the sync workflow
for examples on how to use them [1]. Find the full changelog here. [2]
Python and Ruby bindings are also available. [3] [4]

[0] https://pypi.org/project/pulp-python/3.2.0/
[2] https://pulp-python.readthedocs.io/en/latest/changes.html
[3] https://pypi.org/project/pulp-python-client/3.2.0/
[4] https://rubygems.org/gems/pulp_python_client/versions/3.2.0
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