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Re: [Rdo-list] [rhos-list] I think I found something missing in iproute2

On 05/26/2013 10:13 AM, Perry Myers wrote:
> Just so folks know...
> We're working to get a kernel out on RDO based on the latest RHEL 6.4.z
> kernel that contains the netns functionality.
> Hopefully in the next week or two we should be able to put this on the
> RDO repos.
> We are just working out the minimal patch set required to backport the
> functionality from upstream into the RHEL 6 kernel line, and validating
> that netns works well enough to satisfy the use cases that OpenStack
> Networking needs it for.
> More info as we get it

Sorry for the delayed notification here, but just to let folks know.  We
do have a kernel in the RDO repos right now, that is based on the same
base kernel as RHEL 6.4.z 2.6.32-358.6.2 kernel.

This kernel is basically 358.6.2 + netns patches, and should work well
for using Quantum in RDO.


One note is that Red Hat has released to RHN the next 6.4.z update of
the kernel (358.11.1), and we are working to get an updated netns
enabled kernel based on this latest z-stream.

An additional note is that this RDO kernel is specifically for the
community.  It is not a RHEL kernel and is not officially supported in
any way.  Installing this kernel on RHEL systems will impact the support
of the baseOS and Red Hat support will need you to revert to a fully
supported kernel in order to get support for any kernel issues you



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