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Re: [Rdo-list] Quantum in Packstack

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On 06/18/2013 05:03 PM, Forrest Taylor wrote:
> Perry,
> I was playing with the 2013-06-18.1 puddle and I noticed when I
> run packstack, OpenStack Networking is used by default.  However,
> there are no routers, networks or subnets configured.  Are there
> plans to enable a router, network and/or subnet in packstack?

That's a good question and one that we've been discussing a bit...

Packstack installs the services, and gets things set up so that an
admin can then start creating tenants.

But, since Packstack doesn't know how many tenants you want to set up,
or anything, it can't really know what networks and subnets you want

Typically the task of creating a tenant network/subnet/router would be
done by a cloud administrator at the point at which they create a new
tenant.  Right now, that would involve a sequence of manual steps.

It could be that an OpenStack management solution of some sort could
help to automate those tasks (since they do span multiple components),
or a simple script could help.

There has been talk about giving Packstack an option to create a
single tenant, network, subnet by default.  This would be useful for
both testing environments as well as allinone or demo installs.  I
believe Maru (cc'd) has been working on changes to puppet modules to
support this, and Terry/Ryan (cc'd) are working on integrating this
into Packstack.

But this doesn't solve the more general issue of "after Packstack
deployment, I create 10 new tenants... who/how does the network/subnet
creation happen?"

Right now, it's just documentation, but perhaps in the future there is
a better solution.  Brent (cc'd) is helping to chase this down.

I've cc'd some folks that might be able to weigh in on this

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