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[Rdo-list] Why use yum priority in rdo-release repo file?

Even though RDO is supposed to always being ahead of RHEL and EPEL, it enforces a higher priority (lower priority=N) than the default. Why?

Enforcing priorities should really only ever happen if absolutely necessary and will often cause pain to users.

For example I'm trying to manage my RDO installation with Puppet but EPEL and RDO only have Puppet 2.6 which is EOL and it has been decided that puppet-openstack will no longer support it effective immediately. But to install puppet 3.2 from puppetlabs' repo, I first have to scrap the priority from RDO's repo file manually.

As a (former) developer for Packstack I understand it requires a specific Puppet version but I think we all agree most (non proof of concept) installations are not using Packstack to set up or maintain their OpenStack cloud.

-- Sandro

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