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Re: [Rdo-list] securing services


You might be interested in this presentation from Adam Young during the
last OpenStack Summit - it addresses many of your questions, I think:


On 06/19/2013 07:10 PM, Rob Crittenden wrote:
> I'm looking at adding security to some of the system services using Red
> Hat Identity Management (FreeIPA upstream). This is initially going to
> be SSL for some, Kerberos for others. For a first round effort this
> won't include using Kerberos to authenticate users to Keystone (a much
> bigger hammer is needed for that).
> I'm looking at adding SSL to Apache and Kerberos to qpid.
> What about the database? I can add SSL to mysql and Kerberos to
> postgres, should I support both? What is the preferred SQL database for
> rob
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