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Re: [Rdo-list] Fwd: RDO installation


Actually, I think this is a duplicate of


On 06/21/2013 03:16 PM, Perry Myers wrote:
> On 06/21/2013 05:14 AM, Dave Neary wrote:
>> Hi Ahmed,
>> I can't really answer questions through personal email - not only
>> because it doesn't scale, but because your email is going to get lost,
>> and also because (as in this case) I often don't know the answer.
>> Theer are many experts on rdo-list (CCed) and on the forum. I suggest
>> you ask your question there.
> Thanks Dave for taking this to list :)
>> Hi dneary ,
>> I want your help , while installing RDO openstack this error appear can
>> you help me please .Inline image 1
> Hi Ahmed,
> It's difficult to tell what the issue might be with just that screen
> shot snippet, but it looks like it failed on checking for netns support?
> Can you provide more detail about what your base os is, what channels
> you have enabled, etc?
> And if you can provide the logs that would be good too (there are likely
> more details in logs like openstack-setup.log as mentioned in the
> packstack output)
> Perry

Dave Neary, Lyon, France
Email: dneary gnome org / Jabber: nearyd gmail com
Ph: +33 950 71 55 62 / Cell: +33 6 77 01 92 13

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