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Re: [Rdo-list] openstack-swift-plugin-swift3 in grizzly el6

On 09/10/2013 12:26 PM, Dan Radez wrote:
> When trying to install swift from RDO Grizzly epel6 repo it's asking for openstack-swift-plugin-swift3 but that package isn't in the epel6 repo.
> Should that be there?

 -> https://apps.fedoraproject.org/packages/openstack-swift-plugin-swift3
   -> 1.0.0-0.20120711git.el6 in main EPEL 6 repo

So is it looking for a particular version as the above should
satisfy an unversioned dependency assuming you have EPEL enabled:

Pete I notice that 1.7 of the above referenced package is available
and build on rawhide. Does this need to be branched for grizzly/havana?


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